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Patient Rights

Right to Care:
Every patient has the right...

To receive treatment irrespective of socio-economic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, caste, cultural preferences, linguistic and geographical origins or political affiliations.

To be heard to his/her satisfaction without the doctor interrupting before completion of narrating their entire problem and concerns.

To be provided with information and access on whom to contact in case of an emergency. To receive medical care in accordance with reasonably expected professional standards of care.

To safe and effective use of medications and the possible side effects.

Right to Privacy, Dignity and Respect:

Every patient has the right…

To personal dignity and to receive care without any form of stigma and discrimination.

To privacy during examination and treatment.

To protect from physical abuse and neglect.

To receive appropriate care regardless of race, culture, religion, age, gender or physical ability and not to be subjected to any kind of abuse or neglect.

To reasonable privacy during his / her consultation and examination by the doctor during the course of his / her treatment and during various medical investigations.

To have his / her medical records being treated as “Doctor – Patient Privileged Information and kept as confidential except when required by law or by the authorized insurance company / agency.

Right to Confidentiality:
Patients have the right to confidentiality about their medical condition.

Right to Information:
Every patient has the right…

To receive complete information on the medical problem, prescription, treatment & procedure details.

To informed consent to enable them to make an informed decision about their care.

To be educated on risks, benefits, expected treatment outcomes and possible complications to enable them to make informed decisions.

To request information on the names, dosages and adverse effects of the medication that they are treated with.

To request access and receive a copy of their clinical records.

To complete information on the expected cost of treatment.

To information on hospital rules and regulations.

To receive information about the name and qualifications of the professional doctor/health care professional treating him/her.

To his/her state of health, possible complications and its prevention, approximate cost of treatment, treatment plan, use of medications and diet and nutrition.

To information on how to voice a complaint.

Right to Redress:
Every patient has the right to a fair and prompt hearing of his/her concern.

Right to Consent:
Every patient has the right…

To give or withhold his / her consent for any proposed care.

To seek second medical opinion before giving his / her consent if so desired by the patient.

To have enough information and then to give/withhold or refuse consent before initiation of clinical research/clinical trial.

Right to Choose/Participate:
Every patient has the right…

To know all the treatment options and to participate in decisions about his/her care.

To change the treating doctor/team or the hospital, if so desired by the patient.


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